Mailbox Letter – Vacation and PAL Plans

I posted this today
In the short time I have been back many members have asked me what my plans are.  The near term ones are a bit fuzzy, the longer term plans are becoming more clear.

In the next week or so, Sara and I will decide if we are going to go to Europe.  We do not have tickets yet and getting last minute cheap tickets is one of the deciding factors in the trip, it is not the only one.  If we dont go to Europe, we will likely go on a US domestic trip (perhaps to the Possibility Alliance in Missouri and to Caroline in Louisville).  In either case I will be back in time for the Tarrytown Fair in NY on May 1st.

I had originally planned and announced that I was going to quit Hx marketing and RPM before this vacation.  Hawina joined the RPM in part with the intention of getting me to stay longer in these jobs which I have.  At this point it is pretty clear I am going to stick to my earlier proposed retirement date of Sept 15th of this year from Marketing and RPM.  I feel like I have built the customer base significantly and I will do marketing for next years Early Buys before I go on PAL.

All the Stars (Sky, Hawina, Willow and Paxus) will be going to Europe in October of this year for 3 months.  Sky and Kassia are applying for membership this summer with the intention of returning around New
Years 2013 as new members.  This is when Hawina and Willow will likely be returning from their PAL.

It is not decided yet, but it looks likely I will take a job I have just been offered with Greenpeace International in Am*dam working on their nuclear campaign.  My old boss from the Czech Republic runs the energy unit there.  With there being a dramatic increase in anti-nuclear campaigning since the 3 Fukushima meltdowns, he was looking for more experienced campaigners and asked me to join the team.  I would be working mostly in Eastern Europe and some in the Middle East, the former region of which is my favorite in the world. It is a bit my dream job actually.  If I took this job I would be dropping membership instead of returning from my PAL at year end and staying in Am*dam.  I am pretty excited about this possibility.
Please dont ask me a lot of questions about it now, I will know much more in the next few weeks.  More informants on this soon.