Password Algorithm – under learned mistakes.

i used to choose passwords egotistically.  Based on campaigns i want us to  be able to win.  And as i logged in briefly each day i would flash on that generally daunting path i might go on.

what do you still need to learn?

In the last half year i have been choosing to base passwords on mistakes which i dont think i have learned enough from.  i had an intimate describe a sexual assault to me and it was not as bad as i imagined it might have been, but my explanation of relief delegitimized the experience for the survivor.  Exactly the opposite of what i want to be telegraphicing.  I still have this password on several accounts.

When i bumble things in my poly relationships these mistakes are often promoted to passwords.  This gives me repeated opportunities to remember what i did wrong and ponder how i might fix it.  It is also an ego check for a personality which has leanings towards arrogance.