indirect anger

There are definitely things which happen differently on the commune than they do in the mainstream.  This is in part because there are some fairly extraordinary persons living here, one of whom is my dearest friend Shal.

Yesterday night Shal was walking through the wood shop at night and someone who was working on a project there did not put it away and in the regular path of walking obscured in the darkness of the shop there was a piece of sheet metal, that cut Shal’s throat.  He spent half the night in the emergency room.

When i saw Shal he was clear in his upset.  It was not directed at the irresponsible member who left these dangerous object around. Instead he was upset with our culture which permits this type of on-going hazard.  He is very pragmatic in his emotional expression.  He wants to channel his upset into useful action and he has an action plan.  He is going to go to the wood shop every night and make sure this path is free from these types of dangerous obstructions.

Shal was clear that this person is not the problem despite that their action nearly very seriously injured Shal.  In this sense his anger was oddly indirect.     He intentionally never named the person who was at fault, he was clear that he did not want their mistake to be punished in anyway, even by damaging their reputation.

And i cant help but think, in this strange way, Shal has a lesson for all of us.