Emotional Flow

In the Not Forum Transparency group i am in, Marta has just brought these new tools from Emotional Brain Training.  One of the tools form EBT involved using key emotional states in a free flowing style to be more transparent.  Interestingly, you are encouraged to express feelings which need not be factually true “I am sad that no one cares for me” might be an oft classic case.  The more challenging emotions are

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Guilt

The more comforting emotions are

  • Happy
  • Proud
  • Grateful
  • Secure
  • Hopeful

Participants are encouraged to produce a free flowing series of emotions using short sentences of the form “I am angry that …”, “I feel Secure that …” and so forth.  You might do this for 6 to 10 minutes.  Just riffing emotionally.  It is incredibly powerful

My personal experience was i got to admit things that i was angry about and then admit my guilt feelings of being angry.  I found mysel proud of learning in the charged dialog mostly with Sara, but facilitated by Abigail about how to be a good ally to sexual assault survivors. And what i heard from others in the room that i can’t tell you about was even more powerfully insightful.  I am glad we are adopting this new tool, i think thre is a lot of power too it.