My new friend: Instagram

I had cobbled together this disjointed blog post about our recent adventures at the Keep collective.  I had had a wonderful connect with Skye Rios and Luna from Warren Wilson and had written briefly about it in this mornings post.  Luna and i Facebook friended and as i often do with new FB friends (who i actually know)  i stalk their photo galleries for useful images to feed this veracious blog, which needs at least an image a day.  There was a dissatisfying shot of Luna being held a loft by Skye as part of a dance routine they do, which did not show her soft featured face.

When i complained about the  image Skye and Luna leaped up to provide a different one.  She was on his shoulders for a while in the high keep living room.  He held her aloft like yesterdays picture except with both faces towards the camera.  But as soon as i shot these images i knew i was breaking up with this digital application.  Sometimes you know in one second when it is time to end a relationship and apparently when it comes to camera apps i am not polyamorous.

The shots which i took sadly i can not post.  What they have wrong with them is the thing digital portrait images most often have wrong – the center is ill lit.

Enter Instagram.  This clever little application does exactly what you need it to do, and not much more.  It shoots a picture, it has several different central light correcting/enhancing effects which scroll along the bottom.

select the most desired correcting/enhancing effect

And then it sends this touched up image to FB or your email or what ever social media floats your boat.  It succeeds in making your smart phone into the failed Flip Phone, with a touch of cosmetic photoshop on the side.

Luna w/ hoop