Mafia in the Compost Cafe

Thirty years ago it was a composting toilet, now it is a smokers lounge called the compost cafe.  The name lingers, even if the smell is long gone, perhaps to remind us of our roots.  More likely because it is just funny.

The community fairly seriously restricts the places where cigarettes can be smoked.  With the except of a handful of rooms which have doors to the outside world, there are only really 3 places on this 450 acre campus where you can smoke and compost cafe is one of them.

But it turns out that smokers are fun and the compost cafe for the last several days has been crowded with our current charming visitor group, which i believe has no smokers in it at all.  And they have been playing Mafia.

The towns people are “innocent”

This game is also called Warewolves and involves a small number of organized killers and a larger less informed number of “innocents”.  The innocents can kill any player they agree on after public discussion.  The mafioso kill silently at night after quick negotiations.

While the game is fun, i found myself focusing on the funological analysis of public space in this resource sharing and collectivized environment.