i am a grommetter

My life has followed a significantly different trajectory than most people would have guessed in times passed.  And if you had said “He will grommet hammocks for a living.”  Most people who knew me would have just laughed.

laser guided grommeting machine at Emerald City – circa 2012

This is actually my second stint at grommeting.  I did it perhaps 10 years ago, but that was before we had the guide and laser.  The guide puts marks on the bed at about the right places and the laser (when properly aligned) hits the marks when the grommet machine is positioned correctly.  A job that i was poor at because it required estimation and was mistake expensive, has become much easier.  And i have yet to spend a dozen hours at this new occupation and i might well be replaced by a more dedicated operator.  And it is curious and desirable to be part of an assembly line process for a small part of my work week.