45th Anniversary at Twin Oaks

We have different types of holidays in terms of inviting the outside world.  New Years and anniversary are more public ones, Validation Day tends to be more just us and our closest friends.  An ex-member suggested i invite a couple, the wife of whom had been a member here many years ago and lived in the area.  The husband showed up without her, and very nearly got himself thrown out of the party for acting inappropriately.  Ultimately, the ex-member wife showed up and whisked him away.  But with this smallish exception this largish event went off without a hitch.

Kayde, Marta, Elspeth and Kele belly danced for us

I was asked to MC the coffeehouse portion of the program, which happened in the early afternoon.  This turned out to be a relatively easy job since many of the acts felt like they were so famous (in our little local circle) that they needed no introduction.  i only had to yank one act off the stage before they were willing to go.  And there was a sweet mix of our talent with ex-members and locals.

Turnip X, Ezra, Sky, Nina and Kassia are the Vulgar Bulgars

Always working on funological principals an analysis, i discovered another useful metric in this quantification of fun.  I had several conversations with the son of an ex-member from way back.  The son had never been here before and knew no one at the event.  Still he said that he had had a grand time and that people were open and friendly to him.  Thus the hallmark of certain types of better parties, is that you can come to the event, not know anyone and still have a great time.

Zadek, Elijah, Kaya and Luuk hang out at ZK

On thing that we succeed at (in my never humble opinion) is creating multi=generational events.  The acid test for this is the dance floor.  Early in the evening Sara and i were dancing a bunch with the kids.  And Willow was being especially energetic (complaining this afternoon that “25% of his body was in pain”) jumping and flying around.  At another point in the evening ex-member Denny Ray grabbed my hand and we did some strange couples dance i would be hard pressed to mimic, chronologically Denny could be Willows grand dad.  That they both felt welcome and inspired to dance on the same dance floor despite their age difference is something i dont see much of in the mainstream.

Sabrina and Mushroom appreciating each other

I have to say i am proud of us.  We have endured, built something worth bragging about, and can still throw a respectable party to celebrate it.

Janel took a bunch of pictures, which she has already civic mindedly put up on the network, but i cant snatch them up right now, so you will have to view my Instagram shots until i am in the courtyard and can share more.