i murdered a Charismatic Macrofauna

Driving on Interstate 81 perhaps an hour before the Tennessee line at perhaps 60 mph i hit and killed a black  bear.

There were no pictures, it all happened very fast

i did not feel guilty.  The traffic was dense, there was no possibility to swerve out of the way.  My reflexive and futile effort to slow down nearly resulted in me being rear ended.

i did feel lucky.  Had the bear been standing, as it was as it crossed the neighboring lane of traffic, i could have easily lost control of the van and Hawina and i could have been hurt or worse.

i also felt terrible.  Shaken, of course, but also bad that i had participated, however unintentionally  in killing such a majestic creature.  i’ve hit a few snakes and once a dog which also ran onto the highway.   But a bear is different, it feels closer to human somehow.