Not quite a regular business

i am one of 4 general managers for the communities hammocks business.  And if we were a case study for an MBA class, the students would go a bit nuts.

Right now we have told our biggest customer that we will not supply them with 12 out of 18 models – including the best sellers, because we are out of stock and we are not likely to catch up, despite this being the hammocks high season.  We have all the materials to make these hammocks, all our production facilities are operational. We will likely loose about $50K in sales for this failure produce.  And we are probably just fine with this.

Sometimes i feel like this

We make most of our hammocks in the winter.  We guess what it is we will need and produce that mostly between November and March.  When the spring comes we want to be planting things and being outside.  We are a farm more than we are a factory.

We did open a  couple of small satellite hammock shops using ex-members and local communities.  But this has not really covered that much of our increased demand.

We simply can not hire locals to come into our shop and make hammocks and we are unwilling to pull our members from the fields and require them to make hammocks.

So we just loose the sales and try to calm our upset customers.

[Dont worry, we will raise prices next year.]