Where our vanity plates come from

I heard on the radio that Virginia has 30% of the nations vanity plates.  The reason for this huge fraction must be because they are free only in this state.

Vanity Plates fro Krista Laffoon 2012

Story goes that quite some years ago someone drove one our cars to a big shopping center and after they completed their shopping they realized they had locked their keys in their car.  They called the commune, whihc then called Triple A (which we dont use any more) and the tow truck guy came out and broke into the car and then left.

Shortly after he left, the drivers of the Twin Oaks car realized they had broken into someone else’s car.  And if you have 17 cars, you would have trouble keeping track of them also.

So we started using the vanity plates and our incidence of breaking into other peoples cars by mistake is way down.