Bochie’s Love Note

There is a deliberate architecture to the residential spaces here in the commune. Private spaces tend to be smaller and public spaces larger and nicer. The math is clear, there are over 100 bedrooms, but only a few dozen public spaces of all types. If your public spaces work well than you serve the collective well, and individuals will choose to spend much of their time in public spaces.

But we also have intensely (and occasionally comic) personal experiences in public space. Until recently i had a laptop and i oft plugged it in to the Ta Chia State Room extension cord beside the big couch. The other day when i pulled the cord out to get power for my late laptop, i found this note.

Which says: “Paxus, don’t pull this cord out. Use the one behind the right chair arm.” This card is laminated to the extension cord. I nearly feel over laughing when i first pulled out this card and read it when i was doing exactly what it did not want me to do.

And it is for me the perfect personal touch to a public space, and a gentle reminder to anyone who might want to do the same silly things i have tried to.