New Words for a New World – protagion

If Contagion is:

Disease transmission by direct or indirect contact.

Then Protagion would be:

Ease or joy transmitted by direct or indirect contact.

Turns out i know people like this.  Joan is one of them.  She occasionally storms into my life and regularly into anyone’s who is around her and is so positive and so energetic you become convinced, however briefly, that a much better world is possible, if people could be just be more like this.  This is a protagous effect.  She writes recently on FB:

The banner to Joan’s beautiful blog

recent highlights: Rejoice and i made ink out of walnut hulls and it writes so well and is so Pretty and doesn’t fade in the sun or too much when wet. Nightshade and i started putting battens on the summer house and i am getting the windows ready to go in. i have enjoyed Excellent massage trades lately, and am painting an awesome school desk that i got at the dog and gun a beautiful Blue. i caulked the leak in the shed roof and fixed part of the floor so we’re ready for the finish layer now. and my friends are still here and still wonderful. in other words, my life contains ALL THE GOOD THINGS ?

What is she looking at?

i am trying to model this behavior myself.  Part of what i do for recruiting is give people solutions to their obstacles membership (student loans, pets, police are hunting them in three states, etc).  This is in effect the good news business, “let me help you get to where you want to go.” Turns out this is just about the most favorite message most people want to hear.  Working with Chubby Squirrels as a new project is definitely protagious – Acorners (and increasingly Oakers) are often chatting with me about what wild industry idea or cultural difference a new community could have, and people love thinking about this stuff and feeling like they are helping craft a new better world.  Edmund was so excited the other day he offered to help with setting up new gardens (this is wonderful and important offer since it is an area of his gifts) and so the spreads of excitement.

To be clear, i think i am making this word up today.  It does not appear elsewhere on the internet, except in some strange wine dictionary.  So should it become hugely popular, i would like full credit and bragging rights.  As we give recognition to the other word crafters.  The Quink (the opposite of trauma) was coined by Tobias, we credit the Kerista commune with crafting Compersion (the opposite of jealousy) and Polyfidelity (a polyamorous relationship that require consensus for any new lover to be added – multiple infidelities), and Free Will Astrologer Rob Brezney with popularizing Pronoia (the opposite of paranoia) – tho he did not coin this one as i mistakenly believed for years.  Ecotopia was the coinage of Ernestt Callenbach, who Tobias flirted with wildly and this name was very effectively borrowed by Wam Kat for the summer activist camp in Europe, which i helped organize in 1992 (Bulgaria) and 1993 (France).

Pronoia is more than the opposite of paranoia, it is protagious meme construct

Sadly, protagious is a bit like compersion in that it has that cobbled together type of sound.  Unlike Quink and to my ear Ecotopia which have a softer more pleasant ring to them.  But i think to move away from its roots in contagious would doom it’s life.  Send me your suggestions for the words we need, and what you think we should call them.