No unnecessary enemies

“Dont you just sometimes want to shake them and tell them how stupid they are?” Aubby said as we were driving home from Louisa the other day.  i certainly understood the sentiment.

And living in community is in this way different from mainstream society.  Many people, including myself mostly, adopt a “no unnecessary enemies” policy. Because there are so many points of contact, because you can never tell when you social, work or living environment might change to put you in close orbit with someone who you were not paying much attention to before, we tend towards diplomacy.

And i certainly fail in some cases.  I push for things i want here, and sometimes this means people feel run over.  And in at least one case i have co-created an adversary.  Sky was challenging me about it today, which is daring because i have quite some charge about this member.  Sky claimed i was not doing the work of getting unstuck and thus depowering myself.

Annoyingly, i had to admit he was right.

Clever co-dad