Fabian is 14

i had thought Hawina had said they were coming into the bus station just a bit before 9PM.  But when the NYC bus arrived, Willow’s half brother Fabian, Wieneke and Micha were not on it.  I had to stay at the station to pick up my virtual friend Jason.

half brothers consult on killing ipad zombies – circa 2008

But as luck would have it, when i showed up at the train station, 30 minutes late, their train had just arrived.  There was an animated reception in the station and we all hopped in the car to go back to the commune.

While we were driving i mentioned that i had set up a chess tournament for Fabian, who is something of a a chess wiz and had enjoyed playing with a bunch of members and guests last time he visited Twin Oaks in 2010.

The last time i came close to beating Fabian at chess

We were talking a bit and Fabian said “Too bad the last day of the tournament is not Wednesday, then we could be part of the party.”

“What party is on Wednesday?” i asked

And the car fell silent.  Wednesday is Fabian’s birthday.

And when we were talking about my mistake later Micha said “It is exactly right, when you signed up to be a sperm donor, the agreements were very clear.  No rights, no responsibilities.  This includes not remembering birthdays.”

Despite Facebooks endless pestering, i am a disaster at remembering birthdays.  Truth is i dont want these obligations.  I could care less that you happen to be born some integer number of years ago, dont tell me it is your wedding anniversary – tell me what you plan to do together for the next few years instead.  In this sense i am a very classical American, ignoring history focusing on the future.

Today Fabian turned 14.  Elsa organized a party and we played Werewolves and liars dice.  Jonah pulled several epic bluffs and all the kids got to light sparklers (Wienke promises some of her photos).  It was a low key event.  We are working on a broader set of memories.