End of the road

At one point i wanted to write an article about the income sharing communities i hang at called “at the end of the road” for many of these communities are located in rural areas off of dirt roads.  Specifically, Acorn, Twin Oaks and East Wind all are.  Until soon.

The sign before our driveway like this was taken down today

Perhaps 20 years ago, as the story goes, the state wanted to come in and pave Vigor road which leads to Twin Oaks.  The way they do this, so the story goes, is they ask the people who are actually on the road if they want it paved.  Which seems completely reasonable.

We did not want it paved, upsetting a number of our neighbors who did.  I am told the reason we did not want it paved was that they widen gravel roads to pave them and this would mean several big beautiful trees of ours would have been cut down.  Because the population of the community outnumbers the entire 4 mile gravel road, and because we acted as a block we were able to stop this project.

Fast forward 20 plus years.  The state did not ask us this time, nor did they widen or straighten the road, they are just paving it.  And the sign like the one depicted above, which i wanted to snap a picture of for this post, was taken down today – just hours before i tried to shoot it.