Shadow Construction Honcho – TCLR Roof

We have a big place in which there is constantly need for repairs of something.  When i was growing up, my father stressed the importance of fixing roofs early, everything gets worse and more expensive the longer you wait.

And because there is a lack of champions for roofs here, i occasionally take one on.  These days i am working on the TCLR roof.  Not the real work of swinging hammers and removing shingles in the hot sun.  Instead i am a the bureaucrat for the project.

This roof has needed attention for a long time.  Two years back we approved the money (tho we did not specify how much) for this repair and there has not been anyone who has been willing to step forward and push our collective process or lead the construction work needed to make these repairs happen.  Then the earthquake hit and everything which was not urgent got pushed back even further.  You have been able to see the sag in this roof for several years now and tarps have been installed by Trout to keep it from leaking.

A couple of months back i met with Red and ex-member (and general contractor) Rob Jones about the Ta Chai Living Room (we call it TCLR) roof.  Both were interested in fixing it and while it is a little unusual for us to hire out work, it was agreed that Rob could help keep the job on schedule and both men would be advantaged by the other being on the project.

Sadly, when we compared schedules, the month of July was shot.  Rob had real estate agent classes and when he completed those Red was going to be away for a couple of weeks traveling.  So we agreed we would start he project in August.

But then Mico from sister community East Wind showed up. Mico has done a bunch of construction and wanted to help while he was visiting.  Red thought it would be great if Mico could pull out the old ceiling in TCLR and get ride of that nasty old insulation.  Mico and new member Raychel donned hazmat suits are started to pull this stuff in the 100 degree temperatures.

This of course started the project, in July, when we did not really have either honcho.  Rob had made other commitments for the month and Red was away.  So i jumped in.  i started scheduling crews and rushed the community paperwork and process.  And pushed Rob to change his plans and start work weeks before he planned.