Mandatory Generosity

I have a collection of peculiar personal policies.  From the non-use of towels, to failing to capitalize the pronoun i, to not apologizing.  There is another practice which i embrace which i would ask you to consider.

If ever i am wearing something that someone else is attracted to, we have a conversation something like this:

“i like that shirt”

“would you wear it if it was yours?” i inquire


i take off the shirt and give it to them.  Recently this happened with one of my all time favorite t-shirts from the anarchist book store in Philly, the wooden shoe.

“Let me teach you about democracy” t-shirt

Micha (Fabian‘s dad) is now wearing it and i could not be happier.  This conversation happened again this evening while i was at Acorn.  Ginger noticed i was wearing an Illuminati conspiracy logo t-shirt.

Gimger’s t-shirt ginger does not have the eye cap stone.

She is excited about the Illuminati conspiracies and quickly gains control of my shirt, in exchange for a nice pie chart “peace” shirt from the Acorn Commie Clothes.   Unsurprisingly, this shirt made it’s way to me via the Twin Oaks Commie Clothes system.

So i dare you.  The next time someone compliments something of yours, offer it to them forcefully, genuinely – try to get them to take it from you as a gift.  See what it feels like.  Maybe it is time for you to be less materialistic and more generous.  Maybe.