The new smoke shack at Acorn

Mac was excited.   “i wish i could work on something like this all the time”

Mac and the blitz construction job

The new smoke shack at Acorn is an example of the champion’s manifest behavior i have written about before.  It turns out that this new smoke shack had been approved 3 times before, but in absence of a dedicated champion to manifest this small building, nothing happens (except we recognize that we want this thing to happen and have some frustration that it does not).

What is currently happening at Acorn is there is the construction of the new groovy seeds business building.  This is a complex building with several groovy eco-friendly technologies in it (including desiccant air conditioning) and it is occupying the attention of Acorn’s current formidable construction skills.  And it is stuck.

They are currently waiting for some outside contractor to finish some important piece and all these members who are doing construction were temporarily unemployed.  So it was someones idea (perhaps Bebe the honcho of the new smoke shack) that collectively the construction team could build the new smoke shack while they were waiting for the seed building work to be available.  And in two short days Mac and the rest of the crew  framed this cute little building, got the roof on it and put up 3 walls.  Because of it’s comparatively small size and simplicity, this building should be complete in the next few days, making it satisfyingly fast.

The current (old) smoke shack at Acorn is a quite important building in terms of socializing.  It is the sister of the Twin Oaks Compost Cafe, one of the few places tobacco smokers can congregate and as such one of our key social hubs, even for non-smokers.   The new building under construction will have more seating room, while still an intimate size, a better location (near the barn, away from the parking lot) and will have overhead lofts for temporary guest sleeping.  Cleverly, to deal with concerns about the location of the building possibly being too close to the barn, where many people live, the new smoke shack has been built on skids and can be moved should it prove too noisy.