The anarchists prerogative

From my perspective the compressed version of the anarchist credo is “You can do what ever you want as long as you are willing to take responsibility for it.”  This does not mean if you trash the computer which is guiding space weapons systems you need to hang around along enough for the authorities to come arrest you.   This responsibility for your action is defined by the person taking the action.  i get that this is a dangerous definition especially for people who have far more wealth than the people around them.

i have a thing about fences.  Like a moth drawn to a flame, with fairly minimal provocation i will climb or jump a fence.  And so it was the other day after my massively successful dumpster diving adventure with Feonix and Steve at absurd o’clock, i needed to pack up and get on the road for the rest of my sales trip.   I got as much of our rescued food into the rental car as it could hold (given it was already jammed with Angie’s stuff from Philly that i was moving).  And since everyone was gone from the Keep, i had to go out the back door to maintain the necessary level of urban security.

I walked through the back alley in the direction of the car, only to discover that since i packed it, the owner of the parking lot which separated me from the vehicle had closed the fence and locked it.  I did a quick scouting to see if there was an easy way to get out of the lot or around this blocking fence, but there was not.  So i scoped the fence and it had wires pointing up at the top for much of it.

note the wires pointing up at the top

Rather than spend the perhaps 10 minutes it would take to walk around the block to avoid this fence, i went up it.  And at the top i got caught and these wires tore my pants and took several small bites out of my thigh.

shredded pants and cut skin

And as i got into the car laughing at myself for destroying these pants (which will likely get converted into shorts) i realized that even with my technical failure, i did not really regret my choice.  It was not that i really needed the time, it was more that this kind of petty rule breaking keeps me “honest” in my belief set.  And of course there is the story value as well.