Why i want you to come to the Communities Conference

We have over 100 registrations for the communities conference (the most we have had at this point in my nearly 15 years here) and the best set of panelist i think we have ever had.

I am excited about the spirituality panel which is answering the question “How can secular communities and spiritual communities work more cooperatively?”  What we agree on is that for many spiritual communities, there is huge overlap with the mission and projects of secular communities.  Yet despite this overlap, we let our differences (or perhaps our culture) prevent us from having meaningful collaborative projects.

is this a spiritual path?

I want you to come because we are bringing folks from Occupy in to talk about what he next generation of activism is an how it might engage the communities movement.

I want you to come, because we are talking about how existing communities can help new communities like LEF and Chubby Squirrels get started.

And i want you to come to push yourself around the question “Can i live in community?”  With representatives from perhaps 30 communities in attendance you can learn more a bout a bunch of communities you might be interested in joining, or find allies how will help you craft a new community from scratch.

The program has open space slots where no regular workshops are schedule so you can present your own material assuming it is interesting enough to the large number of other participants

And with a bit of luck we will have a Mockupy role playing game together by Monday.

When Twin Oaks is full we change our recruiting direction to try to draw to the movement in general, rather than our little experiment.

And perhaps most important, as  funologist, this is going to be a great event, the comm conf dance party is one of the best in the year. Consider bringing your friends.