Rumor Control – New Comm Conf management team

Rumor has it my illustrious co-dad Sky will be the principal organizer for next years communities conference.    He is actually a brilliant choice.  He is experienced with the conference management from his previous membership stint.  He is coming from a number of years outside the commune and is thus more in touch with what progressive movements are doing beyond the often insular walls of the community.  He has been to a bunch of other communities both in Europe and the US.  He is a good networker and charismatic.

the activist as artist

And as is so often true, the rumor is not true.  Sky is happy to be part of the team that makes this event happen, but he is not jumping in to bottom line it, at least not at this point.

Happy Comm Conf participant test our products

As i have written, Janel did a brilliant job organizing the conference this year.  Central to her success was not experience in organizing this event, nor being universally capable (tho she is quite capable).  Rather she was a titan of delegation and asking people for help.  The combination of her charm and tenacity took an anemic event which had 85 participants last year, to a bustling, complex, vibrant happening with over 180 people registered, not including the numerous Acorners, Oakers and workshop providers who attended.  Participants are still complimenting us nearly a week later.

me holding forth at a comm conf workshop back when i had long hair

Next year, likely Valerie and i will again play our senior adviser with Sky, and some as of  yet to be identified bottom line organizer, or perhaps none.

Senior adviser, including Willow