Paxus’s Plans – a mailbox letter

The following is a mailbox letter i put out so that people know what i am doing for the coming time.  It has a lot of Twin Oaks internals in it, so parts might not make sense to people who know nothing about this place.

Paxus’s Plans

Fall & Winter 2012

My immediate plans are to go to the West Coast for 2 weeks starting on Thursday Sept 13, come back Sept 26. I will then be here until Oct 2 and then fly with Hawina and Willow to Europe returning just before New Years. I will be going on PAL, Hawina is going on vacation (and has her own letter). In terms of my responsibilities to the commune, this is who will be taking over:

  • Hx Marketing: Gordon, Sabine and Bochie
  • Hx Gen Mgmt: Shal and Alex (current general managers)
  • Recruiting: Valerie (current co-manager)
  • Room Assigning: Kenric
  • Outside Work: Keenan with Bochie and Biddy on OW Accounting

It is my hope when I return from my PAL to resume all of these responsibilities except Hx marketing and General Management. In January, Hawina will take over wholesale hx marketing working with Bochie. On Jan 1, Gordon and Sabine will phase out. We have yet to find someone to take over promotion and management of the retail website (if you are interested please talk with any of the general managers. I will continue to do some small amount of work in the hammocks businesses, including dealing with a couple of our larger customers (Buyers Choice, Northern Lights) and probably making similar sales trips to the one I made in August. And generally speaking I am significantly reducing my work in the hammocks business.

There is not a tremendous amount happening with recruiting these days. Valerie and I co-manage this area and she can handle it easily while I am gone. If you are interested in writing articles about Twin Oaks for specialized audiences, you should talk with her first. If we get requests for college speaking gigs, I will find speakers for these while I am away. If you are interested in hosting reporters, coordinating student groups that tour Twin Oaks, or helping with the Leaves newsletter please also seek Valerie or myself out.

Kenric is mostly up to speed with Room Assigning. Be gentle with him.

Outside Work is also quite quiet these days. Keenan will handle the few requests which come in while I am gone. Biddy will continue to do outside work accounting and people should continue to submit their hours and money accounting to her. I will complete the JPJ contract negotiations before I leave.

In January, I will be doing a visitor period at Acorn. I am interested in becoming a dual member with Acorn. A significant part of the motivation for this is that Acorn is interested in incubating new communities which have businesses that are affiliated with the seed business. It is my hope to start a new FEC community in the area (distinct from LEF) with has its own cottage industry. The working name for this new community is Chubby Squirrels. I will put out more information on this project in the next couple of weeks.

Last April Fools I put out a letter saying I was moving to Amsterdam to work for Greenpeace. This was a joke, I am just now discovering that some people are still believing it. My intention is to continue to live in the Louisa area and be a member at Twin Oaks, after my PAL. Willow is not going anywhere soon, neither am I. My current return date for my PAL is April 1, but it may change to earlier, not later.

If you have any questions about my plans, please feel encouraged to ask me about them through any media which works for you, including face to face communication. And you never have to ask me if you can ask me a question. Thanks for reading.

Paxus at Twin Oaks

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