Don’t tell me there is no difference between Obama and Romney

Before Obama was elected, i predicted he would disappoint.  I certainly had a very strong preference for Obama over McCain, who had been completely co-opted at that point, kissing up to the conservative religious right, who he had dissed 4  years earlier.  McCain is the same type of adventurist hawk as Romney, who believes the military capacity the US has is an invitation to use it.

But despite winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama ran on a pro-war platform (for those who forgot it was the “Iraq is the wrong war, Afghanistan is the right war”) and has bombed Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and then went on using drones to bomb Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.  I will do a longer piece on drone killing later, but the practice of coming back and killing people who try to rescue civilians who have been bombed by the first wave of drones, or those attending funeral services, is especially repugnant and mentally taxing of survivors.

Obama caved on his campaign promise to tax the oil companies.  Then he proposed cutting tax breaks to oil companies but congress keeps shooting it down.  Obama promised transparency, he delivered executive secrecy which makes the Bushies look forth coming.   Obama has given FDA to Monsanto.

He is a war criminal, corporate whore and a traitor to the progressives and liberals who elected him.  And i am going to vote for him anyway.

I understand the arguments against him.  And there are some compelling pitches to not vote for this man.  And of course there are compelling anarchist arguments for not voting for anyone ever.  If you dont want to vote at all, i can support you.

the anarchist case against voting in cartoon form

Jill Stein has an impressive set of progressive stands as the Green Party presidential candidate.   If you wanted to vote for her, i could get behind that.

But if you are part of this uber naive group of progressives/radicals who think there is no difference between Obama and Romney, i am going to call you out as the idiot i think you are.

These folks point to all of Obama’s serious disappointments and say “he is a tool of the system, just like Mitt Romney, there is no difference.”  This is like saying a canoe and an aircraft carrier are both boats, so there is no difference.

There is a concentration of wealth problem in the US.  Romney is clear he plans to make it worse by taxing the middle class to pay off the rich who are funding his campaign.  Obama is less bad in this.  There is a war on reproductive rights going on in this country, Obama has put forward supreme court justices who are holding it back.  Paul Ryan backs the Republican party platform of no abortions, no exceptions.   Which then supports the 31 states which currently give visitation rights to rapist fathers.  The vacancies with the supremes will determine this issue for decades to come.  Oh, and i would rather not go to war with Iran, something Obama has been avoiding so far and something the Romney team is planning on once they are elected.  Romney invented ObamaCare, but to get the nomination he had to flip positions on it, like he did on abortion.  I have no interest in going back to tens of millions uninsurable because of pre-existing medical conditions (and there are better solutions than ObamaCare, but replacing it with ER rooms is not a solution).  There are solar panels on my commune because of Obama stimulus money, Mitt Romney and Ryan are only interested in supporting the oil and nuclear industries.  Saying there is no difference between these two men’s policies is either confessing myopic privileged because your personal affluent world does not change (while millions of others less rich than you does) or that you are merely stupid.

If you dont want to vote, i get it.  If Obama disgusts you and you want to vote for a 3rd party candidate, have at.  If you live in California, do what ever you like.  But if you are pretending the presidency is so simple that there is no difference between the two bought off major party candidates, i suggest you pitch this madness to someone who is not going to scream at you about how pathetic your analysis is.

if you want a candidate who delivers …