Suicide and Tourism

Suicide rates are up globally.  In the US you are now more likely to kill yourself than to be killed in a car accident (or any other type of accident) for first time ever.  If you are 25 or under, it is the 3rd most likely cause of death after accidents of all types and just behind homicides.  The largest component is prescription drug overdoses, which by itself is larger than car accidents, most of these self inflicted are with perspiration opiate derivatives.  The cause is a combination of factors with economic depression and related emotional depression leading the rise.  Keep in mind these 37,000 US suicides are likely only a fraction of the actual total, because it is believed to be highly under reported.  The NY Times reports small shop keepers in Greece, Ireland and Italy taking their lives at record rates, because of their hopeless situation.

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At the same time the World Bank and the WTO are reporting that tourism is the largest sector of the global economy.

What we appear to have is significant growth in people wanting to be places where they are not, either away from home or away from their life.  For me this is yet another invitation for us to create new cultures which support all manner of local community and economic opportunities.

[Thanks to Vermin X for pointing out the suicide statistics part of this article.]