Tree Climbing Logistics

“Where are you going?” Asked the people at the party in the beautifully finished TCLR living room.

“I am going to do a full moon ritual with Shal.” i replied, the crowd was disbelieving.

“For almost every fun moon for the last dozen years Shal and i have gotten together very late in the evening and climbed trees and listened to music.    Shal taught me how to climb trees, and now i am pretty good at it. ” i expound.

ironwood roots

ironwood roots

Our conversation is about the angle of the moon.  If the  absence of leaves on the trees is sufficient for us to spot the moon while over the rivers .  We choose some old reliable ironwoods, which we have oft climbs without ropes.  We are quickly up this tree and i am uncharacteristically warm outside because of my clothing.   We catch up, we switch trees to the ones with chairs that hang over the stream.  Perfect night.