Political Prisoner becomes Senator – the strange case of Julian Assange

When i first discussed the WikiLeaks founder i was quick to point out he was expendable.

As for Assange, despite my crush, he is expendable.  He may get convicted, the charges maybe trumped-up.  Which would be tragic for him and his friends and associates, but the important piece is that the genie is out of the bottle.  Every general who is about to launch some reckless campaign with high civilian casualties or dubious objectives must now pause and wonder?  Did that upset underling just send my confidential cables  to wikileaks?  Every diplomat thinking assassination might be a convenient solution to their annoying foreign leader problem, has to wonder a bit harder if they might get caught and if there is another way.

Assange is a legitimate hero and i certainly hope he beats this rap.  But the man is not the organization and someone else will step up into the fray should he fall.  What he succeeded in is changing the power balance and should we lose him, there are other heroes in the making.

Since this post Assange has done some disturbing interviews, hung out with Lady Gaga and panned the DreamWorks film in production about him.  All from inside the tiny bedroom office in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he has been an asylum seeker for the last half year.

Unlikely superstars

Unlikely superstars

Now he is running for the Australian Senate.  He can campaign, be elected and serve the first two months of his term all from his asylum safe house in London.  But then, if he is not on the floor of the federal senate building within two months of being elected his elected seat will go to someone else of his party.  Which they are planning for going into this election.

Popularity polls are favorable for Assange’s innocence and his being a senator.  Frankly, the more political prisoners getting elected the better.