It is a bit before 5 AM.  i leave in a few minutes for San Francisco, the last vacation part of my leave from community.  And as is true before almost every trip of more than a couple of days that i take, i am trying to get a bunch of stuff completed before of go.  i start moving faster, becoming more manic, more likely to make mistakes.  It is a state which others and i have come to call blur.

This is part because i stay in places even shorter than normal, and i am oft seen bolting from any given room and thus i appear as something of a blur.  But also after 22 hours up my brain stops functioning normally, and i start making more mistakes, so in this sense it is a reality blur.

are your edges melting?

are your edges melting?

And what is also true is that these days are some of the most productive for me, tying up loose ends, ditching things which i am failing to get along with, scratching things off various “to do” lists.  Despite the general exhaustion it entails, i like the blur feeling.

i can sleep on the plane.