Negligent Parenting Magazine

Willow’s first home schooling lesson from me was about swearing.  I give him a dollar every time he can pick my pocket without me noticing, and he is getting pretty good at it.  My son has a dreadful disrespect for the police.  i totally forgot to get breakfast for him the other morning.  And tonight his 17 year old friend Rowan turned down the midnight laser tag adventure we (Willow and i) organized, because it was going to be too exhausting (Willow is 11).

The joke is that my style of child care will get me to the cover of Negligent Parenting Magazine.


family negotiations

And it was charming working with him on this evenings activities.  In a series of staccato conversations it came together.

“Laser Tag – let’s do it!” Willow wanted in on this new game

“We’ll drive in the Acorn car i have.” i offered

“I will get Rowan and Evan to come.” Willow offers

“I will call Craig about Adrian” i suggest

“Where will we meet?” Willow inquires.

“Let’s meet at MorningStar.” i propose

“At 10 PM, we will be ready.” And he turns and walks out of the dining hall with an air of confidence i find unusual in kids his age, but i don’t see him at all clearly.

So let the fine editors of from Negligent Parenting bang on my door.  i am helping craft a curious titan, who seems unafraid to take on anything.