Pantsless Dance Party and the Pearl Harbor Theory of Funology

One of the most studied attacks in military history is the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor at the end of 1941 and near the start of WW2.  One of the often criticized aspect of this daring and hugely successful attack was the failure of the Japanese to launch a third wave.  Had the Japanese hit a third time, they would have been able to destroy much of the pearl harbor infrastructure and would have set back perhaps by years the US pacific fleet from attacking Japan.

USS West Virginia one of many sunken ships at Pearl Harbor

USS West Virginia one of many sunken ships at Pearl Harbor

Similarly, organizers of the great Acorn 20th Anniversary Land Day party, needed an exceptionally successful after party, to both finish the beer left behind at the main event and to offer something wonderful but much smaller and more intimate to the people who made this large commemorative  event happen.  The pants-less dance party was everything it needed to be to deliver this critical third wave of fun.

Part of what made it tremendously successful was that it was organized in the highly organic, super low overhead/planning Acorn style.  [This is quite different for me than the Twin Oaks parties i have helped plan which have far more meetings and logistics associated with them.  For the Land Day after party the organizing went like this.

"We have two kegs of beer left over."

"We should have a party and drink at least some of it!"

"What will get people to come to such a party?"

"We could have a pants-less dance party at the Rec Collective!"

That was it.  No advertising (all word of mouth).  No fancy decorations.  No invite, you had to be at Acorn already to know about it to be there.  Someone did put out a cool blue colored flashing light.  i wore a skimpy green negligee, tho i changed dress theatrically a couple of times over the evening.

What made it an excellent after party (in my never humble opinion)  is: It was quite lively. It was quite sexy without being raunchy. It was inter-generational. It had mostly people who knew each other with a  handful of trusted outsiders.  We practiced fabulous consent culture with lots of people asking to kiss or touch other people.  There was a highly fluid mix of dancing, cuddling, chatting and making out. These things happened between the three spaces of the rec collective small dance floor, the newly constructed giant mattress in the rec collective and near by smoke shack.

It also felt like a gift to most of the organizers who had made the big land day event happen, who had to do next to nothing for this nice event.

Hooping on land day (including Feonix in the back)

Hooping on land day (including Feonix in the back)