i just heard that Acorn lost a couple of charming interns because the place is too dirty.  Let’s be clear, it is pretty dirty.  And in our defense the place is a farm.  We grow an increasing fraction of our own food as well as a significant number of seeds for the business. This means an approximately endless supply of people working in dirt and coming in for at least a couple of meals and meetings on the average day.

And this topic inevitably comes up whenever we talk about our diversity as a community; it may be that our biggest barriers are cultural and that if we are truly going to be more open to a wider diversity of people, we may have to do some shifting of our internal culture.  Being cleaner is an obvious starting point.

But please don’t suggest that there is an easy fix, if we all just pitched in a bit more.  It just does not seem to work out that way, at least in the communities i frequent.    There are people who clean, and some clean quite a lot.  And pushing back there are kids and pets and poorly house trained adults (and even well trained adults and kids who occasionally screw up in the scores of entries into the residential buildings each day).  It is going to take some clever ideas and some culture changing.


Who has the time to clean after a hard days work on the farm??