The Netizens fight back

I have been a terrible mood for the last few days, which i will write about in a another post.  But this article on Buycott really made me smile.  The short version is this app (written by a lone 26 year old over the last 16 months) has the capacity to scan a bar code on something you are thinking of buying with your cell phone and see the corporate lineage of what you are considering buying.

This answers the question, which has been asked recently “How do i boycott the Koch Brothers or Monsanto?”

partial display of buycott screen example.

partial display of buycott screen example.

What is exciting (but potentially deceptive) is that this app reached number 10 in the downloads nationally within hours of it being released (tho they had to ultimately pull the droid version because of some bug).  The Forbes article points out that for some things (like conventional breakfast) nasty corporate domination as set in, in a way which will make it difficult to have any conventional breakfast.

It harks back to the question “Can Social Networks Save the World?”  The answer is still probably no, but with each iteration, with each attempt our chances improve and things start to get better.