Loud Love is Transformed

So many of the original participants were unhappy with the organizes cancelling the Loud Love event we have decided to put on a simpler, smaller, cheaper and safer event.  It will be the same dates and location as the original.

It is simpler in that it uses entirely open space technology.  This means we are not bringing in any expert presenters, tho some are still coming and the group which attends the event will decide what types of workshops they want, based on the offerings made by all the participants.

This event is likely to be much smaller, perhaps 25 to 35 people than what we had originally planned for.  We will probably only run a couple of workshops at a time and the atmosphere will probably be even more informal than the original event, as we push more responsibility onto the participants. 

Because we are not paying out of town presenters and we are no longer reimbursing anyones travel cost, because we are not providing food, because all the “organizers” have to pay the registration fee, the per person cost for the weekend will be $25, for camping on site and if you want to stay in the bunk beds in the air conditions conference building it will cost you $75.  This is basically our cost of housing to Sofia House.  Thus the event is much cheaper than originially planned.

The event is safer from an organizers perspective because there is not a minimum number of paid registrants needed to “break even”, Sofia House rents us the space on a per person basis, so even if the event is tiny we will be okay.

You should still register for the event so we know you are coming, and plan to talk and perhaps even present on the sexy consent and healthy relationship topics that Loud Love still wants to explore.