(Fun) Facts About Twin Oaks

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  • Founded: 1967
  • Founder named Kat (she wrote a book called "Is it Utopia Yet?"
  • Started with 8 people living in tents
  • All of the buildings are named after other communes
  • Non-violent community (there are no guns except for one shotgun to kill the cows)
  • Hammocks: 25% net profit (used to make 20,000 hammocks a year but now make 6,000 a year)

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Dearest Zoe:

THis is a lovely list, some things on it are not quite right, o partially right.

We have been installing solar panels (hot water and electirc) for quite a long time, Kawaeh has them and was completed inthe early 90s. The largest array was installed in 2008.

The old rope machine is finally dead, but we got great life out of it AND it was rescued from the dump and rehabilitated.

Members can go on PAL only after they have been in the community for a year and then once every three years after that (PALs can be as long as a year).

Great post. i am rebloging. THanks