on writing a blog post.

i’m not so savvy with the internet. and it’s totally due to fault of my own. my dad was a programmer and we had computers in the house ever since i was little. trouble was that, for me, playing video games or using a computer wasn’t anywhere near as much fun as building forts in the woods or riding a bike down that huge mound of dirt at the back of the neighborhood. kinda things kids are supposed to do, right? except that now, as an adult, i’m at a bit of a disadvantage in lots of ways. the internet is pervasive.

and i definitely use it, but it’s more or less limited to checking email (mostly for work – i get around to my personal email about once a week), using google maps and googling “kittens” when i’m sad (… all google activities. long live our benevolent overlords?). friendster, live journal and chat rooms were not formative parts of my youth. i know there are lots of things i’m missing out on. 4chan? (fortran? four square?) what’s that? tumbler? no, i uh… i didn’t check that. cool new internet meme sweeping the commune and changing our culture? i’m still not quite clear on what a meme is. there are some advantages too, of course, especially while living on our limited internet access. sad you can’t download that new album from your favorite band? yeah, well, i didn’t know how to do that anyways. no loss here.

so when my friends first started talking about writing a collective blog on life at twin oaks i just kinda tuned the conversation out and started thinking about how cute that person across the room was. or something like that. but the conversation persisted over the following weeks. and people felt compelled by the idea. it was moving forward. it was happening. my friends were excited! and excitement is contagious. i found myself involved in conversations on our basic agreements around posting. we talked about the blog at meals. i responded to email chains on our blog listserve. all while wondering why i cared or if i would ever participate in the actual posting.

as it turns out, while i’m not so big on the internet, i am very into the idea of a self-organizing collective project undertaken by people i like with the expressed purpose of fun, unregulated self-expression for the benefit of others. so i decided i want to post. over the past couple weeks i’ve spent much time thinking about potential blog posts as i travel about my days. i’ve even taken pictures for 3 different topics and composed essays in my head to go with them. but then i don’t write it down fast enough and the thoughts and excitement about them fade. or someone else beats me to the topic. but today! today i am committed. it’s sunday and i’m sitting in tclr (because where else would you be?); i’ve got extra energy, there’s dance music playing, and making my first ever blog post is on my list of things to accomplish. only remaining problem? what to write about!

i’ve been having trouble coming up with a topic that seems simultaneously relevant to this blog, enjoyable for me to write about, reasonable for me to comment on (i.e. does my voice on this topic matter?), and has broad appeal for all those anonymous internet masses. speaking of the audience, it’s really quite hard for me to imagine who you are. my inexperience with the internet means that blogs are an unfamiliar genre for me. why are blogs written? what are they meant to say? what kinds of people read them? what are those people trying to get out of it? i have no answers. it’s all resulted in a bit of writers block for me.

hence, here i have for you, my amateur debut into the world of blogging. a blog post on writing a blog post.

ps. jess asked me to include the tag “meta”. so i did.