A letter to a candidate who wants to speak at Twin Oaks

Dearest Stephanie:

i can host you at Twin Oaks when i come back from NJ sometime after Tuesday June 18, if you are available.

i want to set your expectations correctly, because many candidates see Twin Oaks and think “if i can make a good presentation there i can land 100 votes.”  Twin Oaks is an embrace diversity community, which means in practice we barely agree on the “sun coming up in the east” thing.

Somewhere in here is proof that the sun doe snot rise in the east

Somewhere in here is proof that the sun doe snot rise in the east

There are no Republicans here, but we have all manner of radicals and anarchists who refuse to vote and others who are unconvinced about the efficacy of electoral politics.    And there are perhaps 30 or 40 fairly consistently democratic voters, but only 2 of them might show up for you speaking here.

You are welcome, you can send me material to put out about you, but i can not guarantee very high readership.  We can set something up, probably a dinner conversation  followed by a Q&A in our little theater, if there are enough people.  And it could easily be a conversation between you and me and perhaps only a couple of other people.  If this is still appealing let me know, if you have better places to spend your campaign time i will understand.

Paxus at Twin Oaks
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