Sex on the Trampoline

i hate the expression “you had to be there”,  In part because it is clearly impossible for you to be if the event has already happened, but it also makes the claim that some aspect of the experience is not describable – which i find annoying.

And yet, it is what i feel about the last Acorn party i attended. Technically, it was Mardocks birthday. He had recently returned from his commune adventures in Missouri and we are most happy to have him back at Acorn.  We are blessed with an especially lovely collection of interns and guest these days, which adds new interesting personalities to the already solid group of longer term Acorners.


it could have gone terribly wrong

Part of what made it wonderful for me was dancing and flirting with Pavan who is one of our more enigmatic members, part of the capable IT team and a sleep anarchist.  Who at one point broke out is light gloves and gave a fantastic show in the Rec Collective.


Part of what was going on for me was that i felt well appreciated, lots of the conversations were about what people respected and enjoyed about the other folks there.  There was excellent consent culture, which is both important and sexy to me.

i must confess and affection for parties which go long and this one certainly did.  Mac and i retreated to the trampoline as things started to wind down just before the sun came up.  We watched to glorious super moon, made love, chatted deeply about our curious romance and listened to the birds wake up and sing.

You had to be there.