False dichotomies – Party Bus versus Social Experiment

There is a culture skirmish going on here at Acorn.  My theory is this is  likely in any group of more than a couple dozen people which is not strongly bound by a unifying philosophy (as most spiritual communities have).    The major axis of this division is  the “structure versus flexibility” schism.

Acorn identifies as an anarchist community.  But if you think this means chaos rules, you have been reading the New York Times too much.  There are as many flavors of anarchism as there are of Christianity, and equally diverse forms.

more complex than chaos and bomb throwing

more complex than chaos and bomb throwing

But i dont want to talk about the major division in this post, because i have not formulated my thoughts well enough to decide if i agree with the radical “wave/particle paradox” interpretation which has been proposed.  Instead i want to review another axis of ideology which was recently proposed.  The Party Bus versus Social Experiment spectrum.

The party bus clan says we do our work, we live full rich lives, we enjoy each others company, we party hard and we dont have to prove anything to anyone.  The social experiment worldview says “Things are messed up and unsustainable in the mainstream, communities like Acorn need to be models of something much better. They need to prove that a different life is possible, without the tremendous tax on the environment and the souls of the population.”  No one thinks this place is perfect, but most of us believe that it is so much better than what is generally out there, that we wont permanently leave unless forced to. It is that good.

i believe is this is a false dichotomy.  i party as hard as the next guy (i am a funologist after all), but this takes nothing away from the social experiment. In fact, from my perspective it is central to it.   If we are going to “win” this struggle (lets say turn back from the edge), we need to build the better party.  Parties, festivals, social gatherings, performances and spontaneous gatherings are hooks that keep this meme operating.

it's time

it’s time