Mackelmore is reminiscent of MTV in Eastern Europe

I was driving around in highly conservative North Carolina on a hammocks sales trip and i kept hearing Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ haunting song “Same Love.”

This is basically a protest song demanding the right for gay and lesbian couples to get married.  It is being played on every pop station in North Carolina.  It is a beautiful song, it is also quite a radical song to get airtime in this state which is on the forefront of blocking same sex marriage.  The popularity of the song reminded me of the influence of popular media on the minds of especially young people in eastern Europe in the years after the Berlin Wall fell.

raionbow flag damn right i support it

In pre-revolutionary Europe the communists had done an excellent job poisoning people’s tolerance and acceptance of gay and lesbian couples.  Even after the wall came down, many of these heterosexual biases persisted.  But communist memes would turn out to be no match for the western pop culture-induced cultural constructs.

In an unusually wise way, the senior management of MTV would play a central role in disentangling this prejudice. MTV and CNN both decided after the wall came down they would broadcast there for pay subscription service into Eastern Europe for free (only in English). MTV in the early 90s had a significant number of romance shows in it. And these shows were crafted adhering to the MTV policy that young adult romance shows would show healthy gay and lesbian relationships as part of their portfolio of depicted romantic relationships.

The vilification of homosexual lifestyles in eastern Europe was swiftly replaced by the interesting role models of the sexy slightly geeky guy with his dreamboat lover in some gritty filmed reality show.  And so the hate in North Carolina gets melted away by the song of solidarity expressed by this straight white guy and the lovely refrain singer.


[Edited by Judy Youngquest]