Will of the people and the law of the land

An increasingly small part of the Federal government is shut down.  But you need not worry, the NSA will continue to listen to your phone calls and monitor all your emails unimpeded. The military continues a failed war in Afghanistan without fear that one soldier will miss a paycheck.  The DEA will continue to mount paramilitary operations against farmers in California.  And we will cleverly spend a billion dollars a week on nuclear weapons, without considering saving in this area.

nuclear weapons costs Graphic

i both dislike and respect Obama.  He is a brilliant politician, having demonstrated this in two tricky elections which he won handily.  He got the ACA passed, thru tremendous lobbies and an obsticular congress in the first place  (yes, i am aware of the many real problems with the law).  And then he got the Republican majority appointed Supreme Court to uphold it.  And finally, he got re-elected, in part, defending it.  It is simply disingenuous of the Republicans to say this is somehow not the will of the people or the law of the land.

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Forbes magazine Poll for Sept 2013