France Bans Fracking

There is so much going on in the world, it is hard to keep up.  Especially in the US where the media often focuses on domestic issues (like the government shutdown or the debt cap) rather than larger stories happening overseas.  This one caught my eye.

 it is just this simple

Fracking: it is just this simple

France’s highest court just upheld a challenge to the governments 2011 policy to ban hydraulic fracturing for the recovery of shale gas (AKA fracking).  France joins Bulgaria in a full ban, and there are restrictions in many other places (including Germany and the UK).

The US is going in the opposite direction.  Fracking is permitted almost everywhere. There are a few US cities and counties, mostly in areas which don’t have much shale gas, which have banned the practice.   Vermont is the only state to ban fracking in the US.   And nation wide the practice of fracking is expanding, rather than shrinking, with California leading the way.

And i am confident things will change in the US.  It might take a decade or two, but as the water table gets more contaminated and more people get sick and sue, after some governors daughter has a terrible personal experience, more and more states will prohibit this practice.  The oil company lawyers and PACs will keep fracking going for as long as they can.  Every Republican administration will set things backwards, and each Democratic one will do nothing to make it better, there is simply too much money involved to fix this problem quickly.

But we will get there, in the US, eventually, perhaps even a total ban.  And then the oil majors and other even less responsible corporations will move fracking operations to countries where there are even fewer controls that here.

On this one, i fear i dont have an optimistic conclusion.