Fingerbooks for Guerilla Workshops

If we are honest, we must confess that we are in the business of trying to change peoples minds.  If the intentional communities movement is a model of what some part of what a better world looks like, than we (the people who speak for the movement) are some kind of ambassadors.  Alternatively, you could call us propagandists.

adder, Billy from the amazing Baltimore Free Farm project and i all arrived in Ann Arbor for the North American Student Cooperative Organization (NASCO) Institute.  There will be about 400 attendees including “faculty” (like the three of us who are presenting) at this years event.

BFF Tomatoes and the grenade they found in the lot while gardening.

BFF Tomatoes and the grenade they found in the lot while gardening.

What we have been doing on and off for long while now at these types of events is create fingerbooks that are event specific.  Typically these include descriptions of some of the income sharing communities, some stuff about the movement in general and descriptions of workshops we are involved in.

When we are lucky, there is some space set aside by the event organizers for guerilla or wildcat workshops.  These are ones which are scheduled by presenters, but not recognized by the organizers.  They happen at the venue, they are related in topic to what is part of the general conference, but they are not “officially” part of the event.  NASCO set up one small class room for guerilla workshops, we occupied it for half of the workshop slots, frequently having to roll over into the adjacent classrooms, because our unofficial workshops were quite popular.

not all coop folks are white though

not all coop folks are white though

Sadly, the folks from the Midden could not come to NASCO this year.  But when they heard about the guerilla workshops, they got much more excited about next year.  The joke was that we would take over the 4 classrooms which surrounded this years guerilla workshop space and offer 24 unofficial workshops at next years institute (4 workshops times 6 slots) and the prolific folks from the Midden would offer 6 of them.  Below is my fantasy of what some of this full alternative conference at NASCO 2014 would look like:

 Urban Dark Green Ecovillage Thread

1) Squatting and Salvage
2) Dumpster philosophy and practice
3) Shared House/Shared Campaign
4) Hitchhiking and train-hopping

Applied Commune Thread

1) Income Sharing and Cottage Industries
2) Radical Resource Sharing
3) Consensus and its Discontents
4) Viral expansion of the communities movement

Revolution Theory

1) Building Better Memes
2) Funology and crafting the better party
3) Trust based cashless systems
4) Make sharing the new religion?

Healthy Relationships Thread

1) Transparency Tools
2) Poly and managing jealousy
3) Kink and advanced consent
4) Honest Seduction

5) Love Letter writing