Stop Shaming Black Friday Shoppers

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Stop shaming people who participate in Black Friday. Just stop.

Stop making jokes about the fights, the carnage, the people camped in the parking lots. Stop making comments about how you beat out "a woman with a bowl cut AND a rat tail" on your race to the boots. For the love of Cat, stop posting that fucking Onion article…

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Here is a controversial post about people getting hurt around Black Friday shopping and the classist overtones of how more privileged people who been writing about it. What is especially interesting to me is the comparison of Black Friday fatalities to the currently popular Hunger Games movie.

Is the Onion parody of millions dying in the Black Friday shopping brawl classist and thus inappropriate material for parody? Perhaps, i am not sure. I have not read the Onion piece, but people dying in the rush to shopping is certainly an aspect of our society which should be discussed and likely parodied in my book.

The comments on this blog post are definitely worth reading.