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Most people on the communes don’t carry cell phones (or keys or wallets or watches – but that is a different story).  But i was an early adopter of cellular technology.  Some of what i do is play a fixer role, which means people tell me that their vehicle is not functioning and they need a rescue. Or that the ZK phone (main dining hall) is broken and they really need to get through to someone there and could i please patch them thru.  Or the party has been postponed because of poor weather and “could you let everyone else know”.

remember who is important - call them

remember who is important – call them

For those who tuned in late, i have a thing about the phrase “i love you” and the wildly divergent meanings of the world “love” in US American usage.  For starters, it has simply been over used to death.  Secondly the meaning is completely unclear – do you love me like you love your new phone?  Perhaps like that Walt Whitman poem.  Hopefully not quite the same way you love your pet cat.  When someone says “i love you” and they are at all serious about it, i painfully ask them to explain themselves, which rarely works well.

a cascading series of phone calls

a cascading series of phone calls

What is important  is who you are in communication with.  And for a busy sort of 21st century boy like myself, it is who i talk with on the phone.  And especially who i talk with while driving.  If you are on the speed dial list, i am talking with you more, because it is easier and faster to call.  Because the speed dial list politely asks me every time i see it “is it important/useful/desirable to call this person now?”

And thus being listed on speed dial is more important that hearing “i love you”.