Building the Better Party

i have long believed that the key to successful political organizing is building the better party, not a political one, but a social one.  For if organizers are honest, especially in these times we are a social movement first and a political one somewhere after that.    i don’t just like organizing parties, i think when  it is done well it is transformative.

And i had such a feeling tonight as a scruffy group of Acorners party organizers wandered with me thru the Seed Palace (which some of us are calling the Arc, because of the way it appears from the outside).  We talked about the ideal location for the ball pit and sound system.  Where there might be a kissing booth and a cuddle space.  There are rooms for writing love letters and another for dancing.  There are fantasies of a room with Cards Against Community.


The piece i am most excited about is the Pocket Party of Prizes, Puzzles, Pranks and Poems.  And presumably things which dont start with P.  Participants are encouraged to wear clothes with many pockets.  They are also encouraged to bring odd presents and pranks to put in other peoples pockets (there were quite some charged moments in the planning meeting around banning glitter).  Pick pocketing is also encouraged.

For people poor at preparation there will be pre-formatted love letters with check boxes and curious graphics with options like “i would like to dance with you” and “we should wrestle in the ball pit” and “you could sing me a song”.  Some of the cards will be appropriate for kids (tho we dont expect any kids there) and some will be banned in 23 states.  You will have supplies to create clever notes and micro artistic expressions to slip in to peoples pockets.  If you dont bring enough pockets we have additional garments with pockets for you.

Just don't get caught

Just don’t get caught

Despite a small budget an impressive array of snacks and decorations have been organized and the Ark is a beautiful large building with as many possibilities are there are rooms in it.

This party on New Years Eve Eve (Dec 30) at Acorn is in some ways like a practice party for New Years Eve at neighboring Twin Oaks.  You could come to the first party (assuming you had a host) and stay up late, then sleep late and stay up even later on New Years (assuming you had a different host at the other community).

And if we get it right, we can see the revolution from here.

Come try something different

Come try something different