My rap on bags

“You don’t want a bag do you?”  The person at the liquor store sees me with some regularity and knows my style.

[i don't by booze at the store for myself, in that i only seem able to drink sugary blender drinks which i am unwilling to make for myself, but i do shopping for the entire community as a town tripper and thus i am in there almost every week. ]

The EU will ban single use plastic bags by 2020

The EU will ban single use plastic bags by 2020

My usual response is:

“I don’t use bags and want to store management to use the money saved to increase staff salaries.”

This warrants a couple of different responses:

Amusement – “You don’t know my store management” or

Appreciation – “That would certainly be nice.” or “What a good idea”

Either way my interaction with the person who was a nameless clerk moments before becomes more positive and more human.  And with some effort and story telling we can make single use disposable plastic bags an extinct species.

i am asking you to join the conversation.