Point A Mission Statement

i hate mission statements.  The business press is clear that i am a fool in this believe because virtually everything written about mission statements harps on how important they are, how they help direct and guide people in the company, how you can’t really succeed unless you have a carefully crafted mission statement.

mission statement incomprehesnible

i have been involved with well meaning board members who drafted or recrafted mission statements.  i have been involved with dozens of organizations (both for profit and non profit) which have mission statements.  i have never once seen a mission statement used to solve a problem or direct a decision.  As best i can tell, they get written (often by too many people) and then they get ignored.  They are, as best i can tell, a complete waste of time.

mission statement awkward

But people love them, including clever people who i like and work with. When we started talking about forming a new urban high achievement oriented community – which is currently called Point A – there was a call for a mission statement.  i just let go of my resistance and helped make it happen.

Point A – Mission and Commitment

To create a community that:

  • Inspires and supports high achievement by the community and its members.
  • Propagates itself by spinning off new communities.
  • Balances the success of the community with the mandate to radically transform and improve the world.


High achievement means significantly contributing to constructive, extroverted, endeavors.  Bringing out the new world that lives in our hearts and making a post-revolutionary paradise for ourselves is not enough.  We seek change towards greater humanity and sustainability not just in our lives but in the lives of everyone.  The commitment is to be a force pushing for positive change in the world.

High achievement requires high communication.  Effective decision systems are of necessity rich/high bandwidth communication environments.  On the personal relationship development side we will need to agree on some tool kit which could be transparency tools or landmark or something which MBAs use that we dont know about.  The commitment is to be in a dynamic conversation about the needs and desires of both the individuals and the group and be committed to action and experiments which fill those needs and desires.

Communiversity:  Incubating new communities requires an openness to people outside the residential collective and a willingness to teach and mentor them and learn from them.  This part of the project could specialize in assisting with launching economic engines for groups.  Modeling successful resource and money management will thus be a high value.  The commitment is to look for allies who want to start innovative communities and figure out how we can mutually reach the goals.

Responsibility for more than our footprint.  We propose that the community improve the world, and to do so the community must be successful in its mission which will require intelligent tradeoffs.. We recognize our obligation to be advancing improvements which have great leverage.  Sharing systems, libraries, labor banks, sustainable manufacturing, clean energy production, worker coops and gift based economic models all likely have a role in this. The commitment is to do an analysis of impact and accessibility and figure out which of these systems makes the most sense to deploy first and what the plan is for likely future systems implementation.