Winter Storm Pax pounds Virginia

I took my current name (without all the crazy additions) back in 1984.  I did not know it at the time, but it would turn out that it was fairly important that i chose a name which had fairly unique first and last components.  This would prove important years later when internet search engines would check to see if there were things more famous than me which had the same words in it (nothing really has for a decade – Paxus was the name of some programming environment which is now largely out of use, best i can tell).  My friend Will Forest has a much more difficult time finding the work he does using search tools.

Pax is messing stuff up - no one is surprised

Pax is messing stuff up – no one is surprised

So i was unsurprised when yesterday i started getting emails and texts about Winter Storm Pax.  One of the first things i learned about this deadly storm was that it’s name was not chosen by the National Weather Service which is usually responsible for naming storms.   Instead this storm was named by the Weather Channel, which decided to name winter storms despite criticism, because the national service does not do this.

Perhaps ironically, i will be dodging this storm by flying over it.  As it approaches the NE now, i am going to Sarasota, Florida quite briefly to see my mother’s new residence.  And then i will head back to Twin Oaks in time for our lovely validation day party, after (hopefully) the storm blows by.

I don’t have a ride from the airport Friday morning back to the communes (after the storm blows past hopefully) can anyone help me out?  Wizard? Cloud?

Stay out of the storm

Stay out of the storm

[Edited by Judy Youngquest]