Preservation of Equity Accessible for Community Health

One of the benefits of FEC membership is the right to participate in a Federation-wide program of self-insurance to cover catastrophic health care costs. While this operates under the auspices of the Federation, the governing bodies for FEC and PEACH are distinct. The Federation is governed by delegates from each member community, and PEACH is governed
by a body comprised of one representative of each participating community. This person is called a MELBA (Member Expected to Look after Basic Affairs). Any correlation between delegates and MELBAs is coincidental, and delegates have no authority over PEACH.

While all FEC member communities are offered the opportunity to join
PEACH, this is not a requirement. In addition, some non-member
communities have been invited to participate in PEACH. These decisions
are made by the MELBAs. The administrator for PEACH is called the PIT
(Person Into Technicalities), and any inquiries about the program
should directed to Laird Schaub at Sandhill Farm,