[Many labor policies are integrated with economic policies, so the division of these into two sections is fairly artificial in many cases. Reading policies in both sections should give one a more complete understanding of a community's economic/labor systems.]

Work Quota at Appletree - 1988

Work Quota at Appletree AT-B

Work Quota at Appletree AT-B

March 10, 1988

Members are expected to do an agreed-upon amount of vital work. The amount agreed upon is called "the quota." The quota is set and adjusted by group decisions as necessary.

Dandelion's Labor Credit System

Dandelion's Labor Credit System DN-C1

Dandelion's Labor Credit System DN-C1

At Dandelion we share our work through a labor credit system designed to distribute work as equally as possible and find enjoyable work for each member. The labor system also helps us organize our work, and its records help us evaluate past efforts and plan for the future. Most important, it helps us put our belief in equality into practice.

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